Favorite websites

Jennifer Sage, my favorite indoor cycling guru.

Active.com–sign up for races, raise money for a cause, and troll through their great library of training and fitness articles.

DC Tri Club— ’nuff said.

Beginner Triathlete:  Not just for beginners, it has a great–and free–online training log for keeping track of all those training hours.

Tri Newbies:  Fantastic training programs, especially for those new to triathlon.

Slowtwitch and the Slowtwitch forum:  Good articles, great–often snarky–forum for discussing the sport of triathlon.

My Fitness Pal:  Fantastic food/exercise log that you can use online or on your mobile device via the downloadable App.  It’s a great tool for losing weight and ensuring you’re eating a balanced diet.

Eat Run Read:  Very entertaining and informative blog by my dear friend, running speed demon, and fabulous baker Mollie.

Tri Carrie:  I know, I know–you’re just dying to read my past race reports.  Check them out here.