Favorite people

Dr. John Dandelski, Chiropractor Extraordinaire (Knoxville, Tennessee)

Dr. John Dandelski

Dr. John working on athletes at a race.

Dr. John is an incredible chiropractor, and I’m not just saying that because (full disclosure) he’s my man.   Regardless of your complaint, he focuses on the entire body, determining exactly what’s up biomechanically, what’s out of whack, and what it’ll take to get you back in working order.  Not injured?  I guarantee, he can make you faster  — and identify areas that are bound to cause you problems in the future.  He’s ART certified, licensed in Tennessee, DC, Virginia, and Colorado, and is one of the few chiropractors in the area with an extremities specialty (CCEP), which means he also casts custom orthotics.

Check out his detailed website or drop him a line at drjohn (at) dandelski.com for a consultation and don’t just take my word for it — read the rave reviews here and here.


Bike fit guru Smiley El-Abd (Greater DC area)

Smiley is so far under the radar he doesn’t even have a website (by choice), but he is–hands down–the best bike fit you will find in the DC area.  He’s a mechanical engineer by trade and certified fit specialist who’s been fitting people for custom bikes for over a decade out of a garage he had custom built off his house specifically for it.  His fit comes with free adjustments for six months, and additional bike fits are next to nothing.  I’m not his only fan–read the rave reviews here.

Drop him a line at magoo252 (at) comcast.net and tell him Carrie sent you.  Trust me, you won’t regret it.