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If one word summarizes the last year and a half for me, it’s transition.  In that time I’ve left a job where I’d worked for nearly 14 years, launched my own business, moved in with my man, and–in the past two months alone–sold my condo and moved 500 miles from Washington, DC (my home of […]

Do you need an “off season”?

We hear the term all the time in relation to professional athletes– the “off season.”  But could an average Jane or Joe who works out regularly–and perhaps participates in the occasional triathlon and/or cycling/running event–benefit from an off season too? If you stress your body on a regular basis in any way, the answer is […]

Home-for-the-Holidays Workout!

The holidays are here, and if you’re like me, that means travel–travel away from home, your favorite gym classes, familiar running paths, bike riding routes, and pool. Maybe you’re going somewhere where you can’t easily run outside or find a gym.  If so, don’t despair!  There are quick and easy workouts you can do in […]

What are you doing wrong?

Going too easy? Not allowing your body the time it needs to recover? No weight training in your routine? Or maybe you’ve fallen for the low-carb or no-carb diet craze? This week’s post comes courtesy of Outside Magazine which recently featured a great checklist on the twelve most common fitness mistakes and how to correct them. […]

Core exercises for cyclists–and everybody!

We’ve all heard time about the importance of having a strong core.  It helps us improve posture, prevent back pain, and perform our workouts more efficiently while minimizing the chance of injury. Spinning and cycling rely on strong core muscles to stabilize your body–but they don’t really work your core.  So how can you build the […]

Olympic Secrets to Boost Your Workout

With the Olympics upon us it’s time to tap into the minds and experiences of some of those extraordinary athletes to spice up our own workouts and give us that extra dose of motivation. This week’s post comes courtesy of Women’s Health and features tips from six female Olympic athletes–complete with photos demonstrating their favorite workout […]

Add this superfood to your diet!

Image if just one food had all of the following qualities: Great source of vegetable protein Good source of fiber Contains cancer-fighting flavonoids Great source of vitamins A, K, C, and E Great source of iron Great source of folate (perfect for pregnant moms!) Lowers blood pressure Protects vision Boosts immunity Protects bones Improves brain […]

Pump your way to a buff new body!

I’m sure you’ve noticed how lean and mean Monica, who sits in the front row, has become over the past year or so.  What you might not know is how she got that way…and how she’s now helping others transform  their bodies in the same way. Her secret?  In addition to attending regular Spinning classes, […]

Transform your body with this workout!

Heard about Pilates but don’t know much about it?  Tried Pilates Mat classes and been curious about Pilates Reformer–those classes with contraptions that look like medieval torture devices? Rock star WSC instructor Aimee Richardson has this to share–and invites you all to give her Pilates Reformer class a try for FREE: “Pilates is one of […]