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Maximize your workout: Intervals made easy

If there’s one cardio “must” I’m always preaching, it’s interval training–basically, varying the pace of your workouts as a proven method for boosting fitness and maximizing benefits.  I’ve already gone on and on about the benefits in previous posts, and yet… …as I find myself doing most of my rides these past few months on […]

How to Run a 3:10 Marathon

Okay, so maybe we all can’t run a 3:10 marathon.  I’m 99.999% sure I never will, in this life or even my next one. But 26-year-old Mollie Zapata, a dear friend and my “running inspiration,” did just that at DC’s Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon, finishing 8th overall among women and second in her age group. […]

Heart Rate Training made simple

My spin class regulars have heard me speak about the dangers of going all out, all the time–how it can lead to  injury, illness, and over training. On the other hand you don’t want to be that guy I saw at the gym this weekend, scarcely churning the pedals while reading the paper for half […]

A Healthier You in 2013

It’s that time of year again.  No matter what your fitness achievements were in 2012, you’re undoubtably looking back and thinking, “I could have done better.” But what better time than the New Year to recommit to new fitness goals and carve out a plan for the coming year? Follow these ten tips for a […]

Do you need an “off season”?

We hear the term all the time in relation to professional athletes– the “off season.”  But could an average Jane or Joe who works out regularly–and perhaps participates in the occasional triathlon and/or cycling/running event–benefit from an off season too? If you stress your body on a regular basis in any way, the answer is […]

Inspirational Fitness Part 2: Great Fall Fun

Fall is officially upon us, and those nice cool days seem to scream “get outside!” If you needed some inspiration, check out these ideas for enjoying the great outdoors in the Washington, DC area (and beyond)–from casual afternoon activities to events that will get your blood pumping. Running Races There are few more thorough resources […]

What are you doing wrong?

Going too easy? Not allowing your body the time it needs to recover? No weight training in your routine? Or maybe you’ve fallen for the low-carb or no-carb diet craze? This week’s post comes courtesy of Outside Magazine which recently featured a great checklist on the twelve most common fitness mistakes and how to correct them. […]

Olympic Secrets to Boost Your Workout

With the Olympics upon us it’s time to tap into the minds and experiences of some of those extraordinary athletes to spice up our own workouts and give us that extra dose of motivation. This week’s post comes courtesy of Women’s Health and features tips from six female Olympic athletes–complete with photos demonstrating their favorite workout […]

Add this superfood to your diet!

Image if just one food had all of the following qualities: Great source of vegetable protein Good source of fiber Contains cancer-fighting flavonoids Great source of vitamins A, K, C, and E Great source of iron Great source of folate (perfect for pregnant moms!) Lowers blood pressure Protects vision Boosts immunity Protects bones Improves brain […]

Don’t forget to drink!

As summer is upon us here in DC it’s not a bad time to remind everyone about the importance of proper hydration.  According to the USGS our bodies are about 60% water, brains 70% water and lungs a whopping 90% water.  Even mild dehydration can affect your workout by raising your heart rate, body temperature, triggering […]