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Maximize your workout: Intervals made easy

If there’s one cardio “must” I’m always preaching, it’s interval training–basically, varying the pace of your workouts as a proven method for boosting fitness and maximizing benefits.  I’ve already gone on and on about the benefits in previous posts, and yet… …as I find myself doing most of my rides these past few months on […]

Heart Rate Training made simple

My spin class regulars have heard me speak about the dangers of going all out, all the time–how it can lead to  injury, illness, and over training. On the other hand you don’t want to be that guy I saw at the gym this weekend, scarcely churning the pedals while reading the paper for half […]

High Intensity Interval and Time Trial Classes

Great job to the Thursday Spinning class on hitting those High Intensity Intervals today! Remember–in Tuesday’s class we’re doing our monthly 30 Minute Time Trial–a great opportunity to calibrate your heart rate monitor to your specific training zones. Read all about the benefits of these two classes in our archives!  For a refresher on why […]

Riding with heart (rate)

  In every Spinning class you’ll hear me refer to the suggested effort level for a particular interval, stated as a % of your max effort/max heart rate and comparing it to an everyday activity: 60%– Easy warm up or cool down pace. 70%–“Brisk jog” pace: Still a conversational pace, but you’re riding with intention, not slacking […]

High Intensity Intervals & Ironman Inspiration!

Hi gang! Good work to everyone who tackled those high intensity (or Tabata) intervals this morning. As promised, here’s a link to a great article from that talks about the benefits of high intensity training. Named for Japanese researcher Izumi Tabata, the four-minute protocol (composed of eight reps, with 20 seconds at your lung-burning […]

When is less of a workout more?

When we’re hitting intervals! You’ve heard me say it many times:  interval training is the best way to burn fat and boost fitness–and the science proves it.  In fact, shorter interval workouts can be more effective than much longer workouts done at a moderate intensity.  Read all about it on this NYT blog. Check out this […]

Are you overtrained?

Do you NEVER miss a workout, seven days a week?  Do you feel the need to CRUSH IT every time, making every workout a high-intensity sufferfest?  You’re likely doing your body more harm than good! Check out this great article from Training Peaks about the dangers–and symptoms–of overtraining.  And remember, if you’re showing signs of […]