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Maximize your workout: Intervals made easy

If there’s one cardio “must” I’m always preaching, it’s interval training–basically, varying the pace of your workouts as a proven method for boosting fitness and maximizing benefits.  I’ve already gone on and on about the benefits in previous posts, and yet… …as I find myself doing most of my rides these past few months on […]

How to Run a 3:10 Marathon

Okay, so maybe we all can’t run a 3:10 marathon.  I’m 99.999% sure I never will, in this life or even my next one. But 26-year-old Mollie Zapata, a dear friend and my “running inspiration,” did just that at DC’s Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon, finishing 8th overall among women and second in her age group. […]

Heart Rate Training made simple

My spin class regulars have heard me speak about the dangers of going all out, all the time–how it can lead to  injury, illness, and over training. On the other hand you don’t want to be that guy I saw at the gym this weekend, scarcely churning the pedals while reading the paper for half […]

How to Not Get Hit by Cars

With spring around the corner outdoor cyclists are getting excited about the prospect of long rides without the risk of frostbite. Whether you’re a hard core cyclist, commute by bike, or just hop on a Bike Share bike every now and then to run errands, chances are you’re sharing the road with multi-ton machines.  Let’s […]

Inspiring Athletes Part II: Kacie Darden and the Race Across America

“We are all capable of so much more than we think we are. When we put ourselves out there and we risk failure, and we do things that other people call “crazy,” that is when we find true joy and a sense of accomplishment.” Those powerful words come to us from 29 year-old elite endurance athlete […]

Inspiring Athletes: Dani Grabol and the Race Across America

Dani Grabol once weighed 225 pounds and was a pack-a-day smoker. Then,  in 2005, her doctor told her that if she didn’t change her ways she’d be dead before she turned 40.  So she hit the gym. A year later she’d lost 70 pounds and competed in her first triathlon.  Instantly hooked, she made plans […]

A Healthier You in 2013

It’s that time of year again.  No matter what your fitness achievements were in 2012, you’re undoubtably looking back and thinking, “I could have done better.” But what better time than the New Year to recommit to new fitness goals and carve out a plan for the coming year? Follow these ten tips for a […]

Fix your aches & pains while helping a child in need!

Winter is a great time to address muscle imbalances and the aches and pains they cause–before they turn into bigger problems that leave you hobbled for the spring and summer. Get a full body assessment with Dr. John Dandelski at his DC office next Monday, Tuesday, & Wednesday and score a great deal while helping […]

Riding with heart (rate)

  In every Spinning class you’ll hear me refer to the suggested effort level for a particular interval, stated as a % of your max effort/max heart rate and comparing it to an everyday activity: 60%– Easy warm up or cool down pace. 70%–“Brisk jog” pace: Still a conversational pace, but you’re riding with intention, not slacking […]

Do you need an “off season”?

We hear the term all the time in relation to professional athletes– the “off season.”  But could an average Jane or Joe who works out regularly–and perhaps participates in the occasional triathlon and/or cycling/running event–benefit from an off season too? If you stress your body on a regular basis in any way, the answer is […]